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Ornamental mould makers since 1989.

Welcome to Moe's Moulds

Here at Moe's we make quality moulds from-moulds banner

For the production of castings in Resin, Concrete, Plaster, Plastics and wax.

We provide a flexible bespoke production service to suit your needs.
From life size statues to minature cottages, we can make the mould you want.

Whether you provide the piece you want to reproduce or we make a master
for you. All our moulds are hand made in our Surrey workshops.
All designs are confidential and remain the property of the customer.

We do not run a catalogue of ready made moulds or sell designs.

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Option 1
You supply the piece you want to reproduce.
Whether you have made it, bought it or borrowed it,
if you can get it to us then we will make you a mould to reproduce it.

Option 2
You supply us with drawings, photographs or simply tell us what you want and we will produce a mould to your specifications.

Option 3
If you want to Leave your mould with us an we will make the castings for you.

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